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Forepaper by Marjorie Luesebrink
for Media Morphs the Messenger 98

I have been working on short stories for the WWW, using the techniques that I began to develop in *Califia*. I am still interested in narrative that uses both visual and aural imagery to convey the meaning--that is, the text will never be the complete story. While text is subject to many interpretations, it is easier for us to locate meaning in words and word arrangements than it is to specify meaning in, say, a series of graphics or a song.

In this short story, Rain Frames (up for private view, to be published by Interrobang next winter), I have used color clues, sound, images, graphic design, and text to tell the story of a woman who meets an old lover on a rainy day--and spends the afternoon with him. During the afternoon, we may imagine, she revisits the memories of her past engagement with him--which ended during another rainy year. It would be helpful for me, and I hope interesting to the group, to explore the different ways in which the multi-media text does or does not convey the sense of a complete story.



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