[He never chased me, perhaps because I could not run, and so chasing me would give him no pleasure.] But one day he did catch me out in the open. I was on my way to meet the Superius Frater, who had gone down the mountain to meet with the Golias. The Primus Frater, who liked to be called The Good Doctor, sent me to walk the two miles to the Gatehouse because, he said, he could spare no one else, and that he was not going to spoil me like the Superius did.

About halfway between the House and the Gate, the road drops off steeply on the left hand side while a rocky bank rises just as steeply on the right. Gig jumped out from behind an outcropping, roaring like a bear. In my terror I turned too quickly, my leg collapsed, and I tumbled onto my back. Gig stood over me[, foaming at the mouth], and raised his axe. Even if I hadn't been frozen with fright, I could never have escaped this giant man.



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